My New Year's Resolutions

Hello! I recently did a post on just things to look for in the new year but I wanted to discuss my resolutions for this year. It is really important to set these goals and to start forming good habits. The beginning of the year is a great place to start!

My 11 Resolutions:

1. Drink more water. I know, I know. Everybody always says this but I wold really love to make this a habit. More water helps your skin and overall your energy levels. More water will make you feel really great!

2. Stretch more. Yes, I do go to dance everyday, but I find it really helpful ton stretch extra at home. Even if you aren't a dancer, stretching is a great form of activity and it is really helpful for everyday life. Constantly moving and stretching your muscles will really feel great and make you feel great.

3. Create more. I really want to create more choreography, more content for the blog, and of course, create more food!

4. Practice yoga. I have quite a busy schedule but I really want to set aside times for me to just connect with myself and relax. While juggling school and dance, it gets pretty stressful. I feel that practicing yoga will allow my brain relax and let my body restore.

5. Write. Writing is a great pastime that I really love. I cherish the moments when I can just sit down and write all of my thoughts. It is a great time of self reflection and it is really enjoyable for me.

6. Dance more. Guys, I know that I dance like an insane amount. It really does take lots of time and effort. But, if this is a potential career, I will continue working hard and growing. I really do love it with all of my heart. Having dance allows me to have a never-ending goal. I can always be better. I can always grow more. There is never a stopping point.

7.  Make a routine and a plan for the week. I find that making a written plan at the beginning of the week will reduce anxiety when times get really busy. If everything is organized (like my meals, my homework times, and my dance+stretch times), then this will make for a healthier lifestyle overall.

8. Explore. I want to explore the world, people, myself, food, fashion, and more!

9. Be more optimistic. Going into situations with a bad attitude never ends well. This year, I will approach sittuations with full optimism and confidence.

10. Be more understanding. Personally, I have a really bad habit of speaking my mind without thinking of others. If you know me, you know I am sometimes brutally honest and says it as it is. This year, I will be more understanding and caring towards others.

11. To floss. 


Thanks guys so much for reading. I know this post is very open but I really allowed myself to be vulnerable and honest with you all. Have a great day!

Jordan Diamond