Let's Start Living


Hey guys! Today I am just going to go on a small rant, but like a happy rant I guess lol. Recently, I have felt as though I go through minutes which turns into hours which turns into days which turns into months, and I feel like I go through this never ending circle, also known as my life. I forget why I do the things I do and make things routinely that don't seem necessary. It honestly feels like I am just losing time by the day, not in like a depressing way just everything kind of passes me by. I have taken it upon myself that I must start LIVING. As I go through these days, I shouldn't look back. I shouldn't dread on stupid things that don't even matter. What I should be doing is taking in every moment. I should be speaking my mind and never failing to take up any opportunity. I really should just soak up everything. Of course there are days where I am just not feeling it, but that shouldn't even matter. I am super sorry if this doesn't make any sense or if nobody can relate but oh well! Thanks for reading:)