Hey guys! First off, happy Thanksgiving! Today is such a lovely day for the world because it is all about spreading the love and just being thankful. I feel that everyday should be Thanksgiving because of the fact that one just gets to sit down and remind themselves of the things they absolutely love in their life. It truly is a special day. I encourage everyone to really just think today. Think about the clouds above. Think about the grass below. Think about the home you live in. Think about the people that love you. Think about the people that you love. Think about ice cream. I really like ice cream. Think about the activities that make you feel alive. Think about your greatest memories (mine consist of car rides and dance classes). Think about the music that you love. Think about the opportunities you have. Think about life itself. Just think. This is seriously a great cleanse for your mind not only to do on Thanksgiving but everyday. Thanks guys for reading<3

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