My Story


About Me

Me: Here is a short story of a little girl with goals, ambitions, and dreams to change the world. My name is Jordan Diamond and I am fifteen years old. My entire life I have always been different from the rest with my independent lifestyle, crazy work ethic, and very quirky personality. I have never let anybody control what I do and what I want to achieve. Also, if you are wondering, I do write in many journals. It is a way for me to cleanse my mind and is a great form a relaxation for me. This activity inspired my blog title and basically the rest of my blog. Ideas came about and this was the output. I love sharing me thoughts to others, but also sharing the memo that you should be you. Don't let me change anything about you. If anything, let me enhance the small things in your life. Here are a few facts you should know about me:

Dancing makes me feel alive.

My friends and family mean the world to me.

I am focussed but I like to have a good time.

I love music because dance parties are fun.

I am so weird. Like SO weird. Ask anybody. 

I am a pescatarian.

Style: I honestly can't deny the fact that I am a lover of fashion. I have always loved it but recently I have just completely let go and now it is a hobby of mine. Clothing allows you to express yourself completely and have fun. Taking risks is so fun for me and just finding interesting ways to style items is super fun. Style isn't just about the materials and the cute shoes, it is about being confident in whatever you have on and just owning it. 

Food: If you know me, you know I am a huge foodie. I am a small girl with a big appetite. I am willing to try anything (unless it has blue cheese on it). I really do love trying new foods and exploring meals. It is really fun for me and hey, who doesn't love food!

Healthy Living: Now, I am no expert on how to live the perfect life, but I sure do have many tips that have helped me. I personally have received such incredible advice that I would just love to share. The main reason I love this part of my blog is because I get to share with others how I live healthy and happily because I really do live a healthy and happy life! 


I hope you guys enjoy my posts! Just here to have a good time.